Honor Confers The Crown

My name is Sade' and I'm 22. 10 Random facts about me: 1.} I identify as Pansexual, 2.}I have 3 elder half siblings and a full blood one, 3.} I have Adult ADHD, 4.} My mother was born in Japan and passed most of the interest of that culture onto my brother and I (I call him Aniki, he calls me Kaji and Mama is Okaa-san), 5.} I have the attention span of a bird and the memory of a goldfish. 6.} I'm a very intense person and thrive in controlled chaos. 7.} I'm more blunt than a dime bag and swear like a pirate. 8.} I'm an artist {writing, drawing, that sort} 9.} Hot drinks is the only simple pleasure I adamantly REFUSE to give up. 10.}I'm spiritual but non-religious{I believe in everything, but worship nothing; I refuse to bow or pray to anything i don't understand}